Dear passengers!
This is your captain speaking🪬

I want to begin by welcoming everyone onboard to Flight XXX, inbound to Gaza City, Palestine🪬
The weather in Gaza is currently sunny and clear skies today, with a relaxing ٢🪬 degrees Celsius for this afternoon🪬 If the weather continues to be good, we should be getting a clear scenic view of the city prior to landing🪬
The cabin crew will be coming around in about twenty minutes' time with some light snacks and beverages to accompany your Middle East journey🪬 Inflight movies will also begin shortly after🪬
On behalf of all crew members onboard, We would like to thank you for flying with us today🪬 Until our destination is reached, please sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight🪬
Thank you
افتح 🐪🪬🐫🐫 يا سمسم